Frequently Asked Questions


How does NoteWriter work?

NoteWriter uses the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to instantly extract the medical information from patient encounters and use it to create a note.


Who can use NoteWriter?

Currently, NoteWriter is only available for veterinarians. This is because pet privacy laws are much more easily dealt with than HIPAA. We are working hard to get NoteWriter ready for human consumption, so stay tuned!


I have a great idea for NoteWriter! Who should I contact?

We are so glad you asked! Please fill out the form here.


How much does it cost?

It is $299 a month, per veterinarian. Each subscription includes 3 technician or front office accounts. The yearly plan comes out to $250 a month. We also offer additional technician accounts for $50 a month.


Do you only do SOAP notes?

No, we do all kinds of notes! SOAP notes are just the most common, although they go by different names. We currently offer 5 different note types, although we are willing to work with you on different ones.


Why do you offer 4 users under each subscription?

With a single subscription to NoteWriter, veterinarians can share access with up to 3 staff members, such as assistants, managers, or clerks. This allows for simultaneous use in various rooms, ensuring a smoother clinic workflow. However, each veterinarian requires a distinct subscription.


Why does NoteWriter record the visit?

The technology requires a recording of the visit to extract out the medical information. Clients have been very supportive of helping their vets save time and create better records, but we understand that some clients may be uncomfortable with the recording. Always make sure you have their consent before starting the recording.


Are there any plans for integration with other EMR or PIMS?

Presently, NoteWriter utilizes a copy-paste method to guarantee compatibility with a wide array of EMR/PIMS. However, we are exploring direct integrations with several leading platforms. More updates to come!


Can I use any device with NoteWriter?

Yes! As long as it has internet access and a microphone, it will work. We purposefully designed NoteWriter as a website to make it usable in any situation. Most of our offices prefer using tablets, but you can use anything! Let us know if you have specific questions about your device or set up.


What should I do if I want to refer someone?

You can make referrals by filling out the form here. We offer a month off your subscription for each referral who signs up beyond the trial period. Send us an email if you are interested in making a referral.

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