What is NoteWriter?

NoteWriter is a revolutionary tool designed to automate the process of creating medical notes. Using recent developments in Artificial Intelligence, NoteWriter instantly and accurately documents patient encounters.

No other method for creating notes can compare in speed, ease of use, completeness, and affordability. Embrace the future of medical documentation with NoteWriter!

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How does NoteWriter work?

NoteWriter uses the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to extract the medical information from patient encounters and use it to instantly create a note.


Does it only work for SOAP notes?

No, it works for all kinds of notes! Surgical notes, dental notes, progress notes, follow-up notes, and more! We are constantly adding new templates and note types to our system.


Why is it only available for veterinarians?

The short answer is that pets don't have HIPAA! We are passionate about bringing this life-changing technology to all fields of medicine, but we want to make sure we comply with all privacy laws. You can sign up for our waitlist to be notified when NoteWriter is available for your branch of medicine by clicking here.


Why do I have to copy and paste the note?

We use the copy and paste function to make sure that NoteWriter is compatible with as many EMRs or PIMS as possible. We are working on integrations with some of the most popular systems, so stay tuned!

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